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Winner of major Asian art competitions, Thai artist Thongmai Thepram (1983) creates colorful and playful paintings depicting scenes inspired by fairy tales, masterfully mixing pop art with surrealism and anime.

Behind this innocent facade, Thongmai is an engaging artist touching themes of ecology and contemporary world issues.

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Thai contemporary artist Thongmai Thepram Art Can Die

Thongmai presents a collection of exclusive paintings for the NEW ARK EXHIBITION | Bangkok.

The 200 x 200 cm work takes inspiration from the angels of the New Ark, creating a scene of protective angels for the Ark and humanity.

Thai artist Thongmai Thepram STOP FOR EVERYONE FOR EVERYTHING painting - ART CAN DIE



Pop art colorful painting cartoon hero Hulk Dragon Ball Thongmai Thepram

"I have a dream and hope that my children and every child born on this planet have rules for living, that they move forward by using wisdom, consciousness and goodness as the basis and principle in life."


Thongmai uses his own child's face to symbolize every child and human being born on this planet, and creates various characters wearing the costumes of heroes from cartoons, movies and moral stories whose personalities, habits and behaviors are models or represent the correctness and goodness according to Buddhist moral principles.

Colorful Snow White pop art painting by contemporary artist Thongmai Thepram
Playful pop art painting by contemporary Asian artist Thongmai Thepram
Surrealism cartoon pop art painting by Thai contemporary artist Thongmai Thepram Art Can Die

"It doesn't matter what the spirit or inner self is. When they are ready to act, unity and solidarity are thus born."

Hulk Marvel superhero colors pop art painting artist Thongmai Thepram


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