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The New Ark Exhibition

The New Ark

Sharing a message of unity

to revive the universal bond of all life.

The New Ark is a 2.8 (L) x 2.2 (H) x 0.8 (D) meter art object, conceived by the intergalactic artist DIRECTOR JACQ and carved on wood by Thai artist SUWAT BOONTAM. Supported by 2 angels, The New Ark represents the 10 unifying principles of the universe and plays a symphony of musical notes and lights, composed by its visitors online, sharing a message of unity.

Streaming online 24/7 from Director Jacq’s spaceship, the JTI333.


The New Ark World Tour

The year 2022 will mark the departure of The New Ark from its spaceship, to land on Earth and begin traveling across all continents. It will host several exhibitions featuring an increasing number of local and international artists at every location.

The New Ark will therefore be accompanied by a collection of art, constantly growing during its global tour.

Exhibition 01 - Bangkok

The New Ark will host its first exhibition in River City Bangkok from September 1 to October 16, 2022. The centre for art and antiques is a true magnet for collectors, traders and art lovers who can explore galleries, see international exhibitions, bid at auctions, or simply be inspired by Thailand’s contemporary art scene. View here.


This first exhibition will give people the opportunity to experience the sacred object in real life, and to discover the work of inspiring local and international artists who share The New Ark’s vision of universal unity.

An Art Can Die project

Born to save art.

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The New Ark current location:

In space

Director Jacq (Space)

An intergalactic artist who creates atypical art, which he sends into space through capsules from his spaceship, JTI333.

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Mu Pan (China/USA)

Imaginative storyteller known for his large-scale paintings and drawings of battle scenes between hybrid bestial and human figures, representing the current issues he is concerned about.

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Phannapast Taychamaythakool (Thailand)

The rising star of the contemporary art and fashion scene in Asia.

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Suwat Boontam (Thailand)

A celebrated artist wandering between painting and carving. His paintings illustrate with almost mathematical precision the restless imaginary cities of his dreams.

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Marisa Papen (Belgium)

Artist, activist and naturalist aiming to free us in the cultural war against the human body.

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Ilse Van Roy (Belgium)

Renowned artist expressing herself mainly through fluid shapes of textile and glass.

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Michael Hutter (Germany)

A visionary artist who uniquely combines his craft and references with a focus on cosmic horror, a fascination for religion, occult and tribal fantasies, and playful erotism.

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Nick Ervinck (Belgium)

Sculptor and contemporary craftsman combining top-notch technology with abstract design, traditional concepts of sculpture art and virtual futurism.

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