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An epic TV show

Set in a futuristic monastery with beautiful nuns, The Order is shaken by a mysterious black spot that begins to grow on the walls then spreads in the world and its living beings.


Autonomous production


The amount already invested by

Art Can Die



Be part of the series


Because DIE Coins are a utility token, investors will have the exclusive benefits of being kept closely informed about the evolution of the project. Additionally, each investor's name will appear in the credits of the show.

As an investor, you will have the privilege to attend the preview screenings, to meet and greet the stars and creators of the show, and to receive a gift box with signed memorabilia from the series.



Art Can Die has already invested more than $200,000 in the promising TV show, with the plan of streaming it on big platforms such as Netflix and HBO.


To align with our vision of a decentralized world, Art Can Die aims to raise an additional  $2,000,000 in order to keep the entire production independent. We are hoping on a first raise of $50,000 to produce a short intro film around the universe of "Noir".

Art Can Die is confident that the success of its thrilling TV show “NOIR” will come from the quality of the scenario, the original music and from the director and actors. We also count on our co-founder, Geert Bové, a famous theater and movie director, and his worldwide network of VIPs and celebrities.

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