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Sharing a message of unity

to revive the universal bond of all life.

The New Ark

The New Ark is a 2.8 (L) x 2.2 (H) x 0.8 (D) meter art object, conceived by the intergalactic artist DIRECTOR JACQ and carved on wood by Thai artist SUWAT BOONTAM. Supported by 2 angels, The New Ark represents the 10 unifying principles of the universe and plays a symphony of musical notes and lights, composed by its visitors online, sharing a message of unity.

The New Ark is coming back soon with an enhanced experience and will be streaming online 24/7 from Director Jacq’s spaceship, the JTI333.

A symphony, for humanity.

The New Ark project derives from the Ark of the Covenant, a gold-covered wooden chest that contained the original 10 commandments. This sacred artifact was eventually stolen during one of the invasions of Jerusalem. Centuries later, people from all over the world have been trying to find the Ark. Indiana Jones found it during Steven Spielberg’s classic, but in reality, it seems to be gone forever.

With the original ark gone, the rules between humans and the sacred seem to have disappeared as well. The creation of a sublime new ark follows Director Jacq’s quest to revive and reconnect the universal bond that keeps all life together. 

A look back at our common history.

The New Ark World Tour.

In 2022, The New Ark will depart from its spaceship and land on Earth to begin traveling across all continents. It will host several exhibitions featuring a growing number of local and international artists at every location. The New Ark will therefore be accompanied by a collection of art, constantly increasing during its global tour, creating a new kind of exhibition: live, growing, physical and digital.

The New Ark current location:

In space

Director Jacq

Suwat Boontam

Chatchai Wonglonla

Anusit Nontraudon

Sawanit Jaichuang

Sutthipong  Srikaipak

Ark creation team:

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