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German artist Michael Hutter - The Taming of the Leviathan painting


Discover an abysmal and detailed world populated by surreal and magical beings.

German artist Michael Hutter - The Trap painting

1. A concept artist book "THE KRANZEDAN", featuring a collection of surrealistic short stories illustrated with his beautiful paintings. Release in 2023.

2. A large altarpiece "THE TRIUMPH OF THE ARK", presenting many elements of the universe of the artists taking part in ART CAN DIE's the NEW ARK exhibition.

ART CAN DIE collaborates with this extraordinary artist on two different projects:

German artist Michael Hutter - Labyrinth painting
German artist Michael Hutter - Squidgirl painting
German artist Michael Hutter painting
German artist Michael Hutter - The Green Comet painting
German artist Michael Hutter The Cyclops Chant painting
German contemporary artist Michael Hutter

Michael Hutter is a visionary German artist who has spent most of his artistic career working in separation, isolated contemplation and manic work. He consciously chose to work away from the official art and gallery scene and is mostly autodidact, resulting in an original and pure art form that reminds us of great classic masters such as Hieronymus Bosch and fin-de-sciècle artists like Félicien Rops or James Ensor.


He uniquely combines his craft and references with a focus on cosmic horror, an ambivalent fascination for religion, occult and tribal fantasies, and playful erotism.

Michael Hutter is also a passionate writer, creating short stories and novels about the eccentric characters and creatures that populate his imagination.

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