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"I was 22 when I first undressed in front of a camera. I remember this incredible wave of freedom and expressiveness filling up my entire being. "


A powerful statement from a woman aiming to desexualize the female body and express herself in a world that has lost its bond with its natural origin. She senses a need for people to connect with their very own being.

Marisa challenges conventional thinking around the body by emerging nude in the most controversial environments, with powerful cultural meaning and beautiful nature as backgrounds.


Her art inspires a dialogue towards greater equality and freedom on the political, spiritual and philosophical levels.

A free mind, to free the body.

Marisa takes part in different initiatives such as Plastic Sushi, a calendar about the plastic-problem that oceans face, and Earth Family, a non-profit creative studio and network for artists.


Such work raises awareness of the need to act for the good of our planet and wants to be the spokesperson for the voiceless.

A beacon for cultural dialogue.

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There is divine poetry in our sexes.

Flower of Life

"If we want to tune into our higher selves, it’s vital to re-balance the link with our sacred parts. If we don’t establish a healthy relationship with our origin, how are we supposed to build healthy relationships on such unrooted foundation?"


Marisa Papen shares her uncensored Flower of Life, her vagina, with the hope of influencing a positive and constructive conversation that leads towards body freedom.

Art Can Die and Marisa are collaborating to create a monumental statue representing her Flower of Life, to be displayed and used as a walk-through gate. In addition, Marisa will expose a series of 13 moon paintings created with her menstrual blood that will join THE NEW ARK exhibition in Europe.

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