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Artist Director Jacq, embroidery fiber art cape COPE001 - ART CAN DIE


Director Jacq is an intergalactic creator who seems to be operating from his spaceship JTI333, lost somewhere in space, among the stars.


Nobody has ever met the artist to a point that his existence had been put into question. Is he an outsider artist, a madman or just a character directed by another artist who is pulling the strings?​

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Director Jacq only communicates with Earth through his art which he sends from his spaceship.

In the center of his vessel, a space chapel houses the New Ark, an interactive sculpture created to preserve and share the 10 holy geometric rules of the Universe. Streaming live, 24/7, it offers everyone the opportunity to add lights and music notes, and by doing so becoming part of the symphony for humanity.

His embroidered paintings read like religious manuscripts of a lost or undiscovered tribal society, and are composed by hand with a high level of craftsmanship and sense for geometrical harmony. His 10 wearable capes each represent one of the 10 universal principles that are also represented on the New Ark. 

ART CAN DIE is presenting the artist's first physical exhibition where the audience will be able to witness his embroidered relics for the first time, during the NEW ARK EXHIBITION | Bangkok


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