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Suwat Boontam


Cities of Dreams

Mostly black and white, his paintings illustrate with almost mathematical precision the restless imaginary cities of his dreams, always in construction and transformation. Recognizable but never figurative, the buildings in his landscapes float between abstract art and photography.

Art Can Die believes in Suwat Boontam’s potential on the international scene and has therefore planned multiple collaboration projects, in particular the New Ark (discover) and a group exhibition to be held in 2022. For that, Suwat will create a classical Triptych that will accompany the New Ark on its global tour.

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Suwat Boontam  is a celebrated Thai artist who won several awards for his distinguished style that sits in the middle between painting and carving, through his use of wooden canvases. His brushstrokes with knife and chisel make him more of a sculptor than a painter while his work gives the viewer an experience that flirts with French Impressionism, Russian Constructivism and architectural surrealism.

Suwat Boontam Studio
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