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A virtual currency, crypto-asset or utility digital token, which runs on a blockchain and serves as an exchange value or digital governance/access token to a given digital platform. The DIE token runs on BNB Smart Chain (BSC).

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What is a token?

Buying DIE tokens allows anyone to enter the DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, materialized as an online platform run by its members. This enables ACD to connect artists, collectors and art enthusiasts, while producing art projects based on specific values.

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How does the token benefit artists and their project?

ART CAN DIE selects artists and projects based on genuine criteria: talent, originality, humanity, and a unique vision of the world.

Send us an email to including: a presentation of your work and the exceptional idea you wish us to produce.

As an artist, how can I apply for project consideration?

Strong individuality is the spark to collective greatness. Together, our community is stronger. ACD's mission is to promote a close bond between all its members, reducing the gap between artists, collectors and art enthusiasts.

What is the relationship between artists and the community?


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