"First Earth Exhibition"

DIRECTOR JACQ_poster_acd.jpg

Director Jacq is an Intergalactic creator known for his mysterious hand-embroidered paintings, capes, and tribal-like objects. Operating from an unknown location in space, he seems to send artistic messages to the earthlings. Only operating online, nobody has ever met the artist to a point that his existence had been put into question. Is he an outsider artist, a madmen or just a character directed by another artist who is pulling the strings? Whatever it might be, his embroidered pieces bear witness of an unique and personal universe created with a high level of craftsmanship and sense for geometrical harmony. His works read like religious manuscripts of a lost or never discovered tribal society. 


Art Can Die is helping Director Jacq to exclusively organize his first physical exhibition where the audience will be able to witness his embroidered relics in real for the very first time.  

In addition to this, Art Can Die is also developing his other exceptional project of the New Ark.